Increase Your Total Merit With DanAvl

In the future, the world’s leading breeding system shall be known by one just name throughout the world:  DanAvl. 

A threefold increase of exports makes new demands on branding as well as a better service of the customer.



A few months have gone by since we informed you that the start-up of the new DanAvl has been postponed. Therefore, we would like to give you an update on how the process has developed since. 
As you know, the intention has been to ensure the competitiveness for Danish genetics and Danish breeding stock in a highly competitive world market. On our way, we have communicated with many stakeholders, and gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone involved have been treated in a fair and equal manner. 
This has turned out to be a time consuming process, and despite an intensive planning period, the process has been lengthier than we had expected it to be.   
It is of great importance to us that we end up with the right business model for the international markets as well as for the domestic market. This is the reason why we chose to postpone the start-up of the new company, to make sure that both models; the international and the domestic, are absolutely ready when we do launch. 
Since then, there has been a number of meetings and an ongoing dialogue with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority in order to ensure that both the international and the Danish business models are sustainable. 
The owners of the new DanAvl construction have confirmed that there is full ongoing support towards establishing the new company. The ownership is convinced that the new company will make DanAvl successful on the world market and that they are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to the new company if needed.

Until the new DanAvl comes into force, any trading of DanAvl breeding material is performed as usual via the approved Distributors, Breeding and Multiplication herds and AI stations.